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[EN]Range Rover Classic Soft Dash switch control panel

Improving Britain's finest 4x4

Most of us love british cars. We love the power output of a well tuned Rover V8, and we adore some of their charateristcs, such as the conolly leather and the real wood of their interiors. However some of their plastics can be a little bit brittle or old-fashioned. Apart from that, most of them don't age well, even in cars that have been very well preserved.

For this reason, a client who restores Range Rover Classic 4x4's for a living, contacted us.

He didn't only want an original window switch cover, but an upgraded one and modernised, improving both the fragile materials, the colour and the feeling of them.

After the free quotation, the client sent to our China technological facilities the old part, where we begun with the process of scanning and production.

First we scan the piece and we translate it to a CAD program. It is in this stage of the development where we can add or change any characteristics of the piece.

Once we have done the design, we print it with the desired material, with almost endless possibilities. Once printed, the piece can be painted, covered on another material or leave it with its bare material look.

This client opted for the latter option, giving the part an almost piano black look with some diagonal stripes on it.

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