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[EN]New rubber parts available from Ineedthispart

[EN] Rubber pieces, our solution to the most typical problem on any youngtimer or classic car.

Another of the problems we face as car enthusiasts when we try to maintain our classic (or not so classic) vehicles in pristine condition is finding rubber parts in good shape for bumpers and doors.

While some car manufactures actually take care of their classics and continue to build this kind of pieces, most of them have stopped building rubber parts for their old vehicles. If we take on account that rubber tends to loose it’s properties with time and to degradate, we’ll soon discover that most scrapyard rubber parts are in a bad shape and not worth to rescue.

Rubber parts, specially the ones that seal the interior of the vehicle from the outside, are important. They give the occupants protection against the elements, such as water or wind, thus improving comfort and reducing external noise. They also help us to give the original look in 80’s or 90’s cars that had rubber pieces on their bumpers.

For this reason, at Ineedthispart we have partnered with a supplier that will allow us to recreate and rework almost every rubber profile or part that can be made, with improved materials and techonology that will ensure a low degradation and better sealing tan the original material while retaining the original design.

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