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[EN] Land Rover Series 3 air vents

Rebuilding plastic parts for a legendary car

The Land Rover Series is a legendary vehicle, responsible of some of the best adventures ever made in cars. It is one of the most universal cars in the world, serving both peasants and kings, both popes and hippies. Ineedthispart itself is specially vinculated to this particular car, in the form of the SEÑORBARBO shop and also the fact that the partners of the company actually got to know each other thanks to a shared passion for Land Rover.

It's for that reason we will always be in debt with this vehicle, and also before that and because of the fact that we know it so well we detected that nobody was building the upper air vents that were installed in all the Land Rover Santana Series 3. Here we deliver our solution, made out of nylon, and with the possibility of getting it waxed in order to avoid the water ingress in the material.

We have the possibility of making any kind of interior trims and parts imaginable, just fulfill our form with your desires or contact with us at

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