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[EN] Fiat Coupé 20v exhaust manifold done in 3D printing

Lower weight, better performance and reliability

When improving a car performance one of the first things tuners do is to change or modify the exhaust manifold.

Most exhaust manifolds, even today, are made out of cast iron, making them cheap to manufacture and resistant, but prone to crack and become brittle when aging. However, there aren´t many alternatives: Traditional stainless steel manifolds are a good improvement, but they are usually made out of various parts welded together and that makes them prone to oxidation in the weldings when the material expands and contracts during it's heating cycles.

At Ineedthispart we like not just to make parts to maintain the cars we love running, but to improve them and to make the cars better than what they were when they left the factory. That's why when our clients asked us to make a brand new exhaust manifold for the Fiat Coupé 20V Turbo, we didn't just make a traditional stainless steel manifold nor a traditional cast iron manifold, but a stainless steel 3d-printed one.

3d-printing technology allows us to eliminate the inherent weldings that define a traditional stainless steel manifold, thus improving thermical stability and eliminating the corrossion and crack problems that make them fail. Apart from that, we are lowering the weight of the car, improving this way both handling and performance.

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