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Get a free quotation

Ineedthispart offers a free quotation service in case you want to know how much it would cost to make a small production of the piece you need. Please follow carefully the instructions you will find below and then fulfill the form: With that information our team will be able to make an approximate quotation (+/- 10% error margin) for you for free. Once we have collected all the data, we will reach you out with further information and an aproximate final pricing as soon as possible. 

In order to take pictures for the quotation:

1. Print the template you will find below this paragraph. If the piece is very large, join several of them from behind using transparent adhesive tape.

2. You need a flat surface. You need as much light as possible, but it has to be diffuse. If you are outside you can try the reflection of a white wall, or something similar. If you're indoors and have a spotlight, aim it at a nearby white wall or surface that does such function.

3. Make sure that the measurement surface fits within the limits of the photo. Look at the examples on our page.

Avoid shadows, and especially those that you can make with your own body.

4. Place the piece as clean as possible on the gauge.

Make sure the photos are always at the same distance.

5. Make sure there are at least 6 photos, according to the schemes. To do this, rotate the piece. It's okay if you have to use a hand or some gadget to hold the piece in a certain position.

If the piece is made up of smaller components, you have to disassemble them and repeat the process with each one. When you have finished, please upload the pictures in the form.

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