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What is Ineedthispart?

Ineedthispart is a company dedicated to manufacturing discontinued parts for vehicles and machines that are no longer manufactured. We are fundamentally based on 3D printing technologies, which allows us to replicate and even improve and refine:

  1. Technical plastic parts, with different properties and textures.

  2. Transparent plastic parts, such as optical groups and indicators.

  3. Metal parts based on alloys of steel, aluminum... with mechanical resistance so high as to be used in gearboxes or pistons.

3D technology allows us enormous flexibility and very contained initialization costs, which make us unbeatable for the production of series in small and medium-sized quantities. We do not need to invest in specific raw materials and store molds, tools… our specialized 3D printer farms can replicate almost any shape imaginable and even carry out design changes that would be impossible with traditional injection, machining, forging processes…


Who we are and where are we?

We are a group of people who are enthusiastic about classic vehicles, but also about 3D technology, with extensive experience in both areas. Our 3D printer farms are in Shenzhen, China, which is one of the most important technological epicenters in the world, and our company is based in Madrid, Spain, where our customer service and administration are located. We have as well a representation office in Barcelona, the Spanish motor capital, and another one in Toulouse, France, European capital of aerospace technology.

How do we work?

We have designed a quick and simple process to get you a free first indicative quote (with +/-10% error margin) within a few days, typically no more than a week for most parts.


Once we send you the offer and our comments, you can decide whether to go ahead with your project or not. If you decide to continue advancing, you will have to make a first payment on our page that will correspond to the shipment of the piece and its technical 3D scanning in our engineering department. This cost, which you can see broken down in the initial quote, will depend on the weight, volume and complexity of the piece you want to reproduce. For a plastic part like a dashboard vent it can be as low as US $40.


From our company we will organize everything, and you only have to take care of packing it perfectly and printing the transport label that we will send you. Transportation will always be insured and using highly trusted carriers with proven global experience.


This second phase, between transport and scanning, will take more or less two weeks, again depending on the complexity of the piece.


Once we have the part and we scan it, we will give you the final price of the parts and their itemized shipping. If you want to continue, we will ask you for a first down payment as a deposit of 50% of the total amount.


When the products are finished, we will notify you so that you can make a transfer for the balance of the operation, which will include as well the transportation back to you of the series of pieces that we will have manufactured for you and as well the original piece that you sent us as model.


Manufacturing can take 5-15 business days, and shipping 7-10 days.


In short, between a month and two months since you first contacted us you will have received your pieces, and of course the original piece.

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