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Small productions for great vehicles


Starting from "a clean sheet of paper" is fine. 
If you have nothing worth keeping.


Fortunately for us, petrolheads, that's not the case: We all adore the cars of old we own. We don't need nor want to start from a clean sheet of paper, we love our classic cars and we want to maintain them in perfect shape. They have character, they have history, and when we drive them they transmit to us things a newer car could only dream of.

However, sometimes finding parts for them can be a little bit tricky, especially plastic parts such as air vents, dashboard parts, or lights. In other cars, the problem is even worse: There are no engine parts available to repair or rebuild them.

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Old ideas, new technology

Ineedthispart wants to help preserve classic vehicles, and wants to do it through the path of the limited series production of pieces. Scanning technology has evolved so much that almost any part, out of any material, can be replicated and manufactured, with any manufacturing process available, such as 3D printing, extrussion, molding, or whichever technology the given part requires. Our mission is to help customers to remanufacture the pieces hey need, controlling and supervising every part of the proces, from the free quotation of the pieces to the final result. 

All begins with our free quotation service, after which you will decide if you want to continue with the process or not.

If you want to get a free quote for the part that you desire, click on the link below

We don't invent anything. 
Unless you ask us to do so.

Our compromise is to replicate the pieces as exact as possible with the available technology, giving great importance to the details. That includes the size, the fit, the material and the finish of the part.

However, we know that there are some parts that are very prone to break. Sometimes is a material fault, and sometimes is a design flaw. Another problem that enthusiasts and restorers face is the addition of extra characteristics such as switches or instruments without breaking the classical aesthetic. 

For this reason, our engineering team is able to help on that aspects, providing you parts both improved quality and modified design when required.

By enthusiasts, for enthusiasts

At Ineedthispart we own classic vehicles. We've struggled to find old, brittle scrap parts due to lack of stock, and we know how difficult it can be to keep certain classic cars in pristine condition. We are also excited about technology and new production methods. Some of us started out with home 3D printers and an interest in computer-aided design. For this reason, at Ineedthispart we are able to understand and help on both sides of the process. If you want to know more about who we are, what we do and how we work, go to the About Us page.

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